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If you’re an LVN and are currently looking for opportunities for new LVN careers,
Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency may be able to assist.

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At Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency, we not only offer LVN positions, but we offer LVN careers that change the lives of children. All nurses should be proud of the care they provide, but we believe our nurses bring something unique to the table.

Specifically, if you earn one of our LVN positions, you’ll work with children who have special needs. For instance, you’ll have an opportunity to work with kids who have Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy, to name a few.

Throughout your time as a nurse with Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency, you’ll assess children. You’ll work with our interdisciplinary team to change the current plan as necessary to optimize his or her progress and quality of life in general.

You’ll monitor the health and wellness of our patients. When you feel there’s a problem, you’ll be responsible for reporting to the interdisciplinary team to find an appropriate solution.

You’ll play a vital role as an advocate for the patient. You’ll work with the caregiver and educate him or her on ways to assist the child better. You’ll also help connect the caretaker to developmental and social support available throughout the community to enhance the child’s progress and quality of life.

Your job as a nurse will include intervening as necessary for medical issues. Just like a nurse in any other role, you may need to administer medication or perform wound care, as necessary, based on the child’s current care plan.

Safe & High Quality
Patient Care

We are committed to providing a higher standard of service and to the delivery of safe, quality patient care. Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency complies with the Joint Commission’s Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services. As our customer, you can have confidence the supplemental staff working in your organization have met the requirements established by the Joint Commission.

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UNI Health Care Recruiting agency was a big help in my nursing journey. I worked with the company for 3 years. All the people were amazing, helpful and supportive.

I had the joy of working with UNI Health Care Recruiters in 2020. They are a great company that respond to questions/concerns promptly. Highly recommend them.

Working for UNI has been the best decision I could have made. The flexibility in the schedule and opportunity to pick up shifts allows me to continue going to school full time.

This was a great experience working for UNI. Very personable & professional. & given appropriate support for roles assigned.

Awesome place to work at.

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LVN Job Openings Near Me

If an LVN career with Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency intrigues you, we offer LVN positions where you can play an active role in the lives of disabled children. LVNs are needed now to ensure our patients receive the care they deserve.

All of our jobs are for in-home LVNs, so you’ll visit patients in their residences to provide support. It gives you an opportunity to work outside of the traditional California hospital or nursing home setting.