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At Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency, we’re recruiting for LVN jobs in California. We provide job opportunities to work with kids of all ages. We specialize in caring for children with disabilities of varying natures and degrees of severity throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

Available LVN Jobs in California

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LVN Jobs in California

As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 721,700 jobs as of 2019, and this figure is only supposed to grow over time. California ranks as one of the states with the highest concentration of jobs in this field, fortunately. United LVN makes up a portion of these LVN jobs in California. Before you start the application process, though, you should understand what an LVN does, prospective salary, and what responsibilities an LVN may take on in the state.

What is the LVN job description?

While an LVN’s job description varies slightly from job to job, the description of LVN jobs in California from the United LVN includes monitoring patients’ health and wellness. An LVN may work with RNs and doctors to determine an appropriate treatment approach for a patient and modify it as needed. LVNs may need to communicate with the patients’ families as well. When you search for "job description of LVN jobs California," you’ll notice that LVNs may administer both oral and injectable medications. An LVN will take a patients’ vitals and intervene in the event of an emergency. Additionally, LVNs communicate with physicians, patients, patients’ families, and registered nurses. They provide routine care, take patients’ vitals, and observe patients’ health. Above all, LVNs strive to improve the well-being and health of patients.

Is LVN a good job?

Before you take on one of the LVN jobs in CA, you may wonder if being an LVN is a good job. While it takes a mentally strong person to be an LVN and the job isn’t for everyone, it’s potentially a good job for those who would like to help others. In addition, a person can make a decent wage while doing something rewarding. You’ll feel good knowing you’re making a difference. Plus, the job is highly in demand and offers room for growth.

How much do LVNs make in California?

In the United States, the average LVN earns around $47,480 per year, which is equivalent to $22.83 per hour. The top earners generate an average of $63,360 per year. This is the same as $30.46 per hour. Fortunately, LVN jobs in California are some of the highest-paying LVN jobs in the country. On average, an LVN earns an average of $60,240 per year in this state.

What can an LVN do in California?

An LVN may provide basic patient care for the injured and ill. They care for patients who have chronic conditions as well. In California, an LVN may administer injectable and oral medications, provide wound care, take patients’ vitals, and monitor patients. An LVN in CA may also perform CPR and supply emergency care in the event of an emergency.

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