LVN Jobs in Orange County

If you’re looking for LVN jobs in Orange County, the openings are plentiful. Licensed Vocational Nurses are a vital part of healthcare throughout the nation. They’re needed in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and doctors’ offices right now.

For many nurses, the LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) is the entry-level role as they begin their nursing careers. Nurse LVNs are the most common sort of nursing care assistance, and they work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private healthcare institutions. Basic nursing care is provided by nurse LVNs, which includes collecting vital signs and providing prescriptions.

We understand that looking for a job as a LVN can be difficult, but it’s actually easier than you think. In Orange, CA, as well as the surrounding cities, you will find a number of LVN vacancies. Our website also has career advice and recommendations to help you achieve your LVN goals, as well as information on how to stand out while seeking for a LVN job. If you don’t see the LVN jobs you want in Orange County, CA see other nearby cities with job openings in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions About
LVN Jobs in Orange County, CA

At Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency, we’re giving LVNs the opportunity to work in in-home care and help disabled children. We have a variety of LVN job openings in Orange County at the moment.

How much do LVNs get paid an hour in Orange County?

Before you search for LVN jobs in Orange County, you should research what you can expect to make. That way, you know you’re receiving the salary you deserve. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that LVNs made an average of $47,480 per year, which is the same as $22.83 per hour. Typically, an LVN in Orange County, CA earns around $24.15 per hour. This is equivalent to $48,300, making it higher than the national average. This, however, is slightly lower than California’s average of $60,240 yearly or $28.96 hourly. These figures are only averages. Your income may be slightly or higher or lower. Depending on the medical specialty, such as pediatric care, your wage may be slightly higher than average when compared to other LVN Orange County jobs.

How can I find LVN job openings in Orange County?

When you look for LVN jobs in Orange County, CA, it doesn’t hurt to ask your friends and relatives. If you have any former co-workers, they may provide you with insight about some locations that are hiring. At Mobile Nursing Extended Care Agency, we have a variety of LVN job openings in Orange County. You’ll work with children who need your compassion and expertise to thrive and overcome their physical and mental disabilities. Plus, we offer a competitive wage for all of our LVN jobs in Orange County, CA.

What can the LVN do?

Patients' vital indicators, such as their temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing, are constantly monitored. The act of reporting a patient's vital signs to a doctor or an RN. Making a patient as comfortable as possible by all means necessary, including bathing and clothing the patient as needed.

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